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        How to increase the service life of self-lubricating bearings


        No matter what items have a certain life span, just like humans, they also have a certain life span. How long they can be used or how long they can live depends on how we use them or how to maintain health. You also know that our products are Although the bearing has good lubrication performance and many advantages, it also has a certain service life. Therefore, we need to pay attention to some points in the process of using it. Next, I will introduce how to increase the service life of the bearing.

        Cleanliness, which is very important for rolling bearings. The rotating surface of the bearing ring is very smooth and very sensitive to damage caused by contaminants. Particulate impurities will be excessively crushed by the rolling elements and generate local pressure in the bearing, which will cause permanent material fatigue.

        Fully equipped and reinstalled

        Imported bearings should be carefully installed and disassembled using suitable tools (refer to the series of disassembly videos for bearings). You should choose the right tool! Industry experts estimate that 16% of premature bearing failures are caused by incorrect installation. Generally speaking, suitable bearing installation equipment will be adopted for mass installation.

        But in maintenance or replacement work, the environment is diverse! I suggest that you read the relevant drawings, maintenance manuals, and product manuals carefully. The bearing components should also be kept absolutely clean!

        Install and remove carefully

        1. Do not apply installation force on the rolling elements. This can easily lead to local overloading of the contact surfaces of the rolling elements and the race, leading to premature failure of the bearing.

        2. Do not use any hard tools (such as hammers, screwdrivers, etc., I have seen too many "hard" installations with these two tools, too strong) directly on the bearing surface, which will cause the bearing ring to break or break.

        3. Generally the bearings will not be removed from the equipment, only the larger bearings will be removed for preventive maintenance. During the disassembly process, the correct tools should be used first to ensure that the adjacent parts are not damaged!

        With proper lubrication, the lubricant can isolate the bearing surface, thereby reducing friction, protecting metal parts and preventing contamination and impurities. There are a variety of greases available for different operating conditions.

        Only correct use and proper maintenance can increase the service life of the bearing. Just like our human body, we always eat some healthy foods to obtain the vitamins and proteins that our body needs. Substances are the same as equipment and parts. If you want to know more, you can bookmark our website.

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