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        How to choose a manufacturer for oil-free bearings


        Oil-free bearings are a new type of product with the dual advantages of metal bearings and oil-free lubrication bearings. The main principle of its operation is to use a metal matrix to bear the load during operation, and use its unique solid lubricating material to lubricate the bearing. It has a wide range of applications, high load-bearing capacity, durability, and can still work normally in harsh environments. It is a common product in chemical products. Now we will introduce how to choose oil-free bearing manufacturers .

        Oil-free bearing

        ??1. Look at the qualification of the manufacturer

        ??Before selecting, we need to screen and process the manufacturers. This is because oil-free bearings are new products and the industry has not yet reached a mature stage. At this time, the products on the market are mixed. Existence, for this we can make full use of network resources, look at the evaluation of the product, and whether the company has a blacklist, etc.

        ??2. Look at the quality of the product

        ??The quality of the product is an important reference for us to choose oil-free bearings, because the quality of the product directly affects the long-term stable development of production, so before choosing a manufacturer, it is necessary to conduct a professional inspection of the product, analyze from different dimensions, and determine Product performance.

        ??3. Look at product pricing

        ??The price of the product determines the production cost of the buyer. Since the development of oil-free bearings has not yet reached a stable market stage, all parties have different asking prices. At this time, comprehensive consideration is required. When the quality meets the requirements, the best price is selected , In order to achieve the purpose of reducing costs.

        ??In addition to the above three points, the selection of oil-free bearings also needs to comprehensively consider the manufacturer’s reputation, the manufacturer’s supply efficiency and other factors, so that you can buy your favorite products.

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