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        Hebei Yinglong Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. | Maintenance free linear bearin | Deep groove ball motor bearing | Spherical Roller Bearings | Cylindrical roller bearing......
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        Company Profile

        Hebei Yinglong bearing company is specialized in producing high-end deep groove ball bearings. The company takes Y Series Motor special bearings as research and development center. We are specialized in making high cost performance motor bearings, mainly producing ZV2 and zv3 bearings. Our products are famous for their high precision, low noise, long life and stable performance. There are several domestic top ultrasonic cleaning equipment. We insist on 100% inspection before delivery and multi-point vibration measurement on both sides. In order to improve the bearing quality and service life, we specially select China seagull steel ball and Great Wall lubricating grease as "Yinglong" suppliers. New and old customers are welcome to discuss

        Add:No. 008 Zhujiangdong Road, Linxi County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province
        Phone:13833905637   Tel:0319-8560377
        Contact:Mr. Wang   Email:596931418@qq.com

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